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1. The Festival Proceedings shall be under the management of the  Pickering GTA Music Festival Executive Committee.


2. All matters not dealt with in these Rules and Regulations shall be  referred to the committee, whose decisions shall be final and binding  upon all concerned. We reserve the right to change rules  without notice as necessary.


3. No age limit will be imposed except where indicated (See rule 20).  Age is as of December 31. In Pre-Grade 1 classes, only those  under 10 may enter.  


4. All Competitions shall be open to Non-Professionals only, unless  otherwise stated. That is one whose principal means of livelihood is  not obtained from the professional practice of music, in that  discipline, even if he or she from time to time accepts remuneration for musical services.  Persons possessing either Actra or Equity full membership cards are considered professional and therefore ineligible.


5. Competitors studying with the Adjudicator during the Festival year will not be eligible.  


6. Except for woodwinds and brass classes, all competitive and  graded pieces, except studies and string sonatas, must be performed from memory. All graded pieces must be  chosen from the current Royal Conservatory of Music or Canada  Conservatory of Music Syllabi. Suzuki repertoire will be accepted if  performed in Suzuki classes or if listed in either Conservatory  Syllabus. Ensembles, duets and trios are exempt from memorization.We will now accept repertoire listed in the CC Loud and Clear Syllabus as well. 


7. All contestants must perform their pieces as stated on their entry form. 


8. For festival purposes, repeats are optional.. Da Capos and Del Segnos should be observed.Please make sure your timings reflect your choices.


9.  In 2022, we will not require you to submit music for the adjudicator for the virtual classes but do expect that you will be able to supply an original edition if we require it.Live classes will supply music for the adjudicator.


10. A piece may not be used in more than one class.


11. All entries must be received by December 21, 2022 and accompanied  by the fee as stated for each class. No receipts will be issued, and  entry fees cannot be refunded for any reason. E-transfers will be acceptable and the application will not be processed until it is received.


12. Please note: Contestants should enter graded classes at their current level of study as of December 31.In classes separated by age it it the age you are by December 31, 2022.


13. Contestants may enter any number of classes subject to the  regulations as listed herein. 


14. We reserve the right to refuse any entry.


15. Parents, teachers and contestants are not permitted to approach or  converse with the adjudicator in advance or during the festival time. This rule is intended to make  the competitions fair for all and avoid disqualifications. Decisions  of the Adjudicators will be final. Questions may be addressed to the  Festival Executive only in writing. 


16. Please advise the festival office of any change in email address or telephone number once your application has been submitted. Please make sure both your's and your teacher's emails are on your application form.


17. Please note all rules for submitting your video and application. These must happen at the same time to avoid confusion.


18. Open classes are the most senior level of competition and it is expected that the competitor will be studying at or has achieved the ARCT level or above. Diploma classes are for those competitors working at the ARCT level but have not yet taken their exam.If you have been at the Diploma level for more than 2 years you must enter the Open Classes.


19.In Duet classes, the ages will be averaged to be at the proper level. Please check the rules at


Provincial Competitions:

20. Your age as of December 31, must be 28 or under for all  graded classes. Candidates from grades  1 through Open levels for brass, woodwinds, strings, voice, and piano may qualify. Percussion, Music Theatre, Speech and Drama,Choral, Band and Orchestra classes may also be recommended.Chamber, Percussion, Band, Choral, Concertos and Orchestra classes may also qualify. New this year are classes for Pop Voice, Pop Strings,Pop Brass, Pop Woodwinds, Pop Guitar and Pop Piano. You must enter classes at your current level  of study and must not have passed the exam for the level prior to  December 31. You must perform one piece performed at the Local Festival and another of your own choice from the same grade.  Singers will perform three pieces, one of which must be a foreign  language. Three competitors from each grade may be chosen to compete at  the Provincial Competition in each discipline.Open classes have new requirements of additional pieces and added performance time in every discipline. Please acquaint yourself with the Provincial rules at 


21.  Open Classes please note the new Recital format at the Provincial classes.


22.Competitors can not compete in more than one level in the same instrument/discipline.They may not enter a lower level in future years. 


23. Competitors must have received a mark of at least 85 and a recommendation by the adjudicator to attend Provincials.


24. If you are competing in more than one local festival please note that a Provincial candidate must accept the first offer to represent a festival that is given. This is a new rule for OMFA in 2022.


25  The Festival is not responsible for errors or omissions of any kind. It is the responsibility of the contestant or parent to read all the rules. We suggest that all contestants from all grade levels dress for  performance. It is a requirement of the Provincial Competitions. For the Provincial Syllabus please see


26.  All competitors must live or study in the Province of Ontario to be able to represent the local festival at the Provincial competitions.


27. Junior chamber groups are considered to be studying at the level of grades 7-10. Senior chamber groups are expected to be working at the ARCT level . When a piano is included, the piano part must be original to the score and not an orchestral reduction.Any combination of orchestral instruments are permitted, with or without piano, and /or one voice, with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 performers. Original scores must be used by the performers.

28.  Repertoire can not be repeated from previous competitions in this festival or at Provincials..Winners of a grade level must enter the next grade level up.In age classes, winners will be allowed to stay in their age group even if they won the class the previous year at Provincials..


29.  Please observe all physical distancing requirements recommended by the Province of Ontario at the date of the recording of the video and during live competitions.

  • : By submitting a video recording, each participant confirms that they, their accompanists, and all members of their ensemble understand and consent that their performance will be made available as an unlisted video on YouTube. In addition, each participant confirms that they have permission to use any pre-recorded accompaniment.

30.  Pickering GTA Music Festival reserves the right to deviate from the published schedule without advance notice.

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